My design and woodwork projects can be seen HERE. With keen focus on fine hand-crafting and attention to details, I am exploring and incorporating the philosophy of design – from typography to architecture – into woodwork and furniture making, with inspiration from and interpretations of, among many things, Modernist, Brutalist and Wabi Sabi philosophies.

I use photography to investigate personal philosophy and to reflect upon experiences and memory, and the perpetual interaction between the two. Through a developing language of specific motifs, as well as general symbolism and associations, I also explore and question the conscious and unconscious communication between people and their environment.

Walking through an environment, experiencing it, and allowing myself to be distracted and affected by objects, shapes and textures, I use a camera to create a frame for consideration, or to record what can sometimes, on a deeper level, be an unconscious reaction. Ideas, feelings and concepts that I have been exploring can, at times, also become focussed and realised upon entering a scene or space. The abstracted frame can be used to describe, provoke or question these explorations. Although personal projection is, I concede, the primary activity, there is also a desire to explore the remnants of those who have passed through a space at another time. As well as being used to represent or express my own ideas, remnants in a scene can be viewed as containing the expression of the individual who deposited/created it, intentionally or otherwise, and so lends itself to the feeling of a space. The edges of personal and environmental influence are transient, not always easy to identify and perhaps infinite – ideal places for exploration.

I have provided camera, photographic direction, video editing and audio/sound on various documentary film and audio projects. The far-reaching  and intimate INTERVIEW PROJECT is expected late 2017 – portraits of people you have already met.

2016 – my work from the last couple of years is currently posted HERE on my Flickr page.

Twitter : @_StephenSharkey